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  1. Kay did you hear, Glenn is off Headline news and is where his sorry ass belonged all along.CNN knows who is gonna win and doesn’t want that hack now that the criminal GOPers are gonna be totally outa power.It seems Chris From Maine didn’t fight the good fight in vain after all.

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  4. I really hope Tiger matures because I really want to like the guy for all his golfing prowess. But it's really hard to admire him any because of his personality. One thing is for certain, he really is not going to age well if he doesn't change his attitude. SUCKS!

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  7. oh and regarding india playas, I have worked with tons of single Indian guys, the muslim guys who have gone native in america get down and dirty and hook up with more types of girls than you see in a benneton commerical, the christian indians ain’t got no game and the hindu indians don’t or can’t play the game. Then again they get married so young and don’t move out of home it is hard to play the game.

  8. Sei fantastica!!!! Ti adoro e ti invidio perché vorrei riuscire a scrivere scorrevolmente come te! Comunque la tua Porpi è assolutamente fantastica e le sue avventure mi fanno morire dalle risate…Hai una figlia fantastica e sono sicura che anche tu sia una madre fantastica però dovresti provare davvero con la temuta frase "sono un po' arrabbiata in questo momento"…aspettiamo aggiornamenti sul tuo stato emozionale 🙂

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  21. Your characters reflect life as it is, warts and all. It is simplistic but I prefer books where evil is always punished. Now if I could figure out my Kindle to let me read the last few pages to see who survives and then go back to my previous point. Technology overwhelms me.

  22. Dawg, ya gots me all confused up in this bitch. I thought that the reason we were supposed to vote left if we had to vote was that the inexorable slide to the left slowed down and almost stopped when they got into power, and vice versa with the right. Now, you're telling me it's the opposite? 'sup wit dat, dawg?

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  28. ich mag die Photos, sind sehr vorteilhaft!!! sehr gut!Bei der Kombi bin ich mir unsicher. Ich mag zwar Farben auch kombinieren und tu’s auch fleißig, aber hier würd ich nicht 100% zustimmen. bzw. es ist nicht schlecht und schaut nicht irgendwie unpassend aus, aber es wirkt nicht. irgendwie fehlt das BÄM. (sowohl ins negativ als ins positive)

  29. QUESTION: Where do affirmative-action attorneys (who are too dumb to get jobs in the private sector) go when they can’t slobber at the public trough in the AG’s office where the state freebies flow like water. ANSWER: They slobber at the Turnpike Authority.But first they gather under Corzine’s desk along with Carla, Ann, ZooZoo, Davey, and other suckups.If Corzine is pleased, he’ll throw a couple state pension apps under his desk. Must be fun watching the parasites fight over the state pension apps.

  30. Appreciate your summary. Related, but important to point out: Just so ya know, there are many Christians, from Augustine to Pope Benedict to most of us in the pews that are quite comfortable with evolution. And there are many scientists who are believers. The idea that there is a “fight” between Christianity and science is a bar fight, and one does not have to choose sides.

  31. Tony BigB was same BigB in khakee we saw in many films, he was good but akshay was the most suprise package, had the wittiest dialogues and great death scene, be it action, comedy or drama, or corrupt cop, akki had a diversity in his role. BigB was the just playing the protagonist role, similar roles we’ve seen him in many films. Regarding akki and Abishek comparison, well since when have you seen abishek playing a character, onscreen its his personality, he ok in guru, on the other hand, akki atleast plays the character, than himself.

  32. big moment today: being loving and forgiving doesn’t make us weak. in fact it takes A LOT to do this. and when its hard to forgive someone, it makes us stronger and more lovely people. and even though it seems like we have to forgive 7×70 times in our life…we’re making progress.  |  

  33. I hear you about Tiger, I mean we shall see what happens when he travels the world and encounters different fans; but in my opinion this things needs to end now. In addition, I’m a big Paddy fan myself, I don’t know where he has been. Some guys just aren’t there yet this year. I mean Phil just came around now, I think Paddy will bounce back and well see some solid performances just gotta be patient. Thanks for the encouraging comments though, I appreciate it. Go Phil!

  34. That lady's comment had me laughing and coughing. Mostly coughing. I just love that jacket on you, it looks fantastic and it'll keep you warm when you're trawling the chazzas. The whole outfit is gorgeous, now you mention a leotard I've got a request to see you dressed as Kate Bush. Do it! Or Cher in the Turn Back Time video. Minus the arse cheeks. Get Jon to dress as a sailor. Your reply to the harridan was perfect. Xxxx

  35. No worries klaus, we are just having some fun with them.. it all works out in the end.. I have been known to rewrite lines of script on the day of a performance!! You have a great plan.. it will be great i am sure.. c

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  45. The only aviation movie I can recall having anything near a realistic plot line and story is “Island in the Sky” with John Wayne from about 1953.Based on a great book by Ernest K. Gann, with Gann as the technical advisor, this one really is a worthwhile movie. I fully agree — why can’t Hollywood use realism? Not just in aviation movies, but others as well.Sometimes, realism is even more exciting and entertaining than fiction.

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  47. dhoom3( i dont know the release but dhoom 2 with hrithik break every single record without any holiday )Dhoom 2 broke all past records because those records were set by srk. Now the records are set by salman’s ETT and Dabangg 2, so it’s hard for hrithik to beat this.

  48. Thad,That's funny, I love this cartoon, but I don't remember seeing it at the S&V screening I saw. The only Warners he showed that night for some reason were "Gruesome Twosome", "Coal Black" and "The Big Snooze", which apparently used to be rarely seen with the pill-swallowing shot included. (Before child-safe lids.) Oh man, I remember how "Ever-Ready Horton's Golden Treasure" brought the house down. One of the most memorable moments of my life.

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  50. JM – keep in mind that in this case, the temple had to be moved. And for many, this will be their only experience of an Egyptian temple. Plus, I am sure this temple will be handled very carefully here and preserved in a way it might not be in Egypt.

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  56. Mol an Oige atus tiochaidh siad. Great work you are doing – now you know how your Teen Group energises me! Wish I could get to see the display, but congrats to all involved.

  57. Saying “no” … the age old question The more I practice the better I get (at saying no!). Instead of saying no for extracurricular activities I try to give my children a choice, such as: You can only participate in 2 things, which would you prefer to do? However, I will admit that sometimes I waiver – especially if it is an activities that is a 1-3 time commitment. I am totally stealing Angela’s comment on this post that maybe “balance looks more like chaos!”

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  71. Carey, I LOVE these and have to try them immediately!! Your photos always have such a crisp and vivid use of color…so beautiful. I'm so glad that you included so many great shots of your kiddos…truly wonderful!!

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  78. Today: Addameer has documented that the Preventive Security and General Intelligence are waging a campaign of arrests in several provinces in the West Bank and over 60 Palestinians, including released prisoners, writers and journalists, and youth activists, have been imprisoned.Concerning the financial blackmail PA suffers: true. Perhaps deep in his heart Abbas would support some resistance, but this is the nature of a quisling regime: at the end of the day, you follow the orders. Given that, I am suspicious that UN initiatives are structured to be slow and ineffective.

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  81. Thank you kind Sir/Madam but the AG is still not telling us anything and I have deliberately held off posting a rejoinder to this because I’m still holding my breath on this one. The man for all I care still maintains that he will interfere in the conduct of EFCC affairs as he deems fit, in simple terms-I do not trust him one bit. So I’ve opted to wait this one out and see which side of the frying pan darkens. But do please keep your comments flowing and thank you for sharing an opinion on this.

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